Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bubbelah's been Bitten by the Blogging Bug

So finally I begin. July 1, 2010: the adventures of apartment 8L go public. For those of you with whom I spoke prior to beginning my intergenerational roomie experience, I planned on blogging from the very beginning. But as those of you also know, there were a lot of mental and physical health ups and downs, and it might not have made for the most pleasant blogging.
But at 7:30 PM today, I posted the facebook status "Jenna D-T is pajamatized and in bed at 7:30. I love my 83 year old roommate" and it became apparent to me that clearly, my lifestyle (and sleep and pee cycles for that matter) have been influenced by surviving my 83 year old roommate.
A number of other factors have also influenced me to start documenting and sharing my experiences of life with the Big P. First, Rach started blogging. They're really funny; you should read them ( Yes, she paid me to say that. Seriously though, I often think my life with the Big P could be a sitcom, and who doesn't love to watch a sitcom? Sure, it may not be Modern Family/Arrested Development funny; maybe more on the Everybody Loves Raymond/Two and a Half Men level. But lets be real, Phyl and I watch the latter two shows every night (as I'm sure you do without really trying) and we all walk away with a smile.
Second, I realized she's all I talk about. I think I'm a few weeks short of carrying around a picture of her in my wallet and forcing people I work with to ooh and ahh. People at work (clients included) constantly ask "How is Grandma?" and I always have a ton to say. I went over to a friend's house last week and all I could think was "Why isn't she asking about my grandma?! I have so many hilarious anecdotes to share."
Third, I'd like to record my progress in responding to both yiddush and hand-signaling/using gibberish for obvious words. If I didn't go to work I'd probably forget that my name is Jenna and respond exclusively to "Eh, Bubbelah." Additionally, I can currently translate the following from Phyllician:

1. Putting out hands and wiggling fingers: internet, computer, email, or anything else one might do on a computer.
2. Putting right hand out and squeezing palm while saying "Eh, you know, the thingamagig!": Remote. And it's on the dresser next to the TV. No, it's not near the chair where you sit to watch TV, it's next to the TV itself, so you have to get up to get it, hence counteracting the purpose of "remote" control. But that's besides the point. We keep the remote on the dresser next to the TV, because that's where Phyl can find in it the morning in case she needs to watch TV in the bedroom before 7 am when I wake up.

I have a million anecdotes and one-liners flying through my head right now, but a) I need to save them so I have more to blog about in the future and b) It's 10:15. My bedtime was half an hour ago.

Forehead kiss (which leaves residual bright pink lipstick),


  1. HAHAHHAAHHAHA i laughed so hard i cried a little. please please please do one about how you have to unplug the microwave after each use!!

  2. We'll know you've truely arrived when you start participating in early morning TV yoga sessions.

  3. Correction: watching early morning yoga sessions. We don't do the yoga, we watch the yoga.

  4. I'm glad you are documenting your adventures in inter-generational living and also that you seem to always find the fun (or funny!) side of things. Keep on blogging!
    Love, Mom

  5. When do you finalize the book deal?

  6. Hi Jenna, You are a great writer. Lots of love to your grandma. How is she? If you get tired of the sitcoms you can always come down and help Gene and I pack books in late July :) Just kidding.